Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where do I begin?
As I jump in with both feet, I will admit that this attempt to become more tech savvy is largely driven by my need to fulfill a class requirement. On the other hand I am very excited by the possibilities I can envision, both personally and professionally. I have already found some exciting tools and ideas that I am eager to try. Look for my students artwork to appear at Artsonia in the coming school year.

So why blog and why now? "On many levels, it seems we are falling more in danger of becoming irrelevant in our students' lives. And so this remains the central message of this book: In order for us to prepare our students for what is without question a future filled with networked learning spaces, we must first experience those environments for ourselves." This quote from Will Richardson in his book, BLOGS, WIKIS, PODCASTS And Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms pretty much sums it up for me. As a teacher and parent of two middle school aged children I want to do what I can to stay relevant for them and for myself. So here I go. I'm taking a giant leap off the end of the read/write web dock. Watch for the splash! :)
Got advise for a beginner?

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