Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspired by Picasso's "Petite Fleurs", my kindergarten students made these pictures using a combination of oil pastel, silky crayon, tempra paint and construction paper. First we talked a bit about Picasso's life and art and looked at examples of his work including "Petite Fleurs". We then practiced drawing some simple flower shapes and talked about what would be a good size for the flowers we would put on the paper for our project. The kids then made about three flowers using oil pastel. Next I demonstrated the use of one of my all time favorite materials, silky crayons, and the kids added several more flowers with these. We added stems, leaves, vines and grass with green tempra. After tracing and cutting out the students arms and hands, they were given an opportunity to trade one with a friend. The project was finished by attaching the hands to the page so that it looks like one hand is picking a flower to give to the other. Check out more of our finished pieces at Artsonia.


  1. They are an interesting mix of other materials. They have bright vibrant colors with many of the properties of oil pastels, but they are also water soluble. They glide onto the paper as the name suggests in a slick, silky manner. They come in a plastic casing and operate like a glue stick. The draw backs are that they are not good for small detail as they have blocky ends (like a glue stick) and they can be very messy (the janitors nightmare). They do however clean up fairly easily due to their water soluble character. Oh, they have also become quite pricey, about $20.00 for a 26 color box.